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  • Precision machined aluminum one-piece frame and side plate
  • Digigear™ digital gear design
  • Machined Aluminum Free Floating Spool
  • Soft Touch custom Handle Knob
  • 9 Bearing System (8CRBB 1RB)
  • Machined Aluminum Rod Clamp
  • Water proof Carbon ATD
  • Spool Click (20-50 Sizes)
  • Spool Lock (10-15 sizes)

 At ICAST 2015 Daiwa showed off two new Star Drag Saltiga series reels, the first of what became a full line of star drag pieces offered in the USA market by this prestigious Japanese manufacturer. At ICAST 2016 Daiwa followed up with what we were hoping for, their new larger sized Saltiga Star Drag Reels – completing the series. Since that time the Saltiga Stars have again proven their point, they are the definitive Star Drag Reel.

The first two reels which came into inventory at Daiwa’s warehouse in California were the 10. In my estimation, these first new reels will have a fairly narrow application among our clients given the limited line capacity (for the model 10), but they point to some important new features and the future for Daiwa’s high end reels. It’s also fair to note, that our images do look different from what you will find on other sites, we actually have the reels in stock, take our own photos proving that point – and don’t simply rely on the manufacturers website to pull photos…

Daiwa’s older Saltiga star drag reels were, at least in my opinion, some of the nicest star drag reels ever produced, and we were sad to see them go away. The machining was nicer than anything else on the market, and they performed wonderfully. These new reels take that series to a new level. The new Saltiga Star drags come with a Magsealed ball bearing in addition to their 7 Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Ball Bearings (CRBB) and 1 Roller Bearing. It’s a 9 bearing reel, quality bearings throughout. The Mag sealed bearings are similar to what we’ve seen in high end audio gear, the technology has been used for professional loudspeakers, great for dissipating heat and adding longevity to hard driven drivers. In the world of fishing, some similar benefits, with the addition of elimination of saltwater intrusion.

The reels feature a precision machined housing, one piece machined aluminum frame and right side plate, machined aluminum spool, with a spool lock mechanism to pretect gears when engaged. There’s no spool clicking sound, silent. Also, Daiwa makes use of their Ultimate Tournament carbon drag, boasting 15.4 lbs of drag – and given this is a star drag, all of the drag is useable without degrading freespool performance. The reels come with a very nice reel cover. Overall, I’ll say that Daiwa is introducing some very nice reels these days, and more to come. This is just the fist of their 2016 introductions.

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